Consider these numbers: an estimated 20% of data in a company is sensitive information, but that doesn't mean the other 80% is safe for any individuals viewing. Secondly, approximately 30% of employees that leave an organization can still access some parts of the system because no one took away their access rights. These are huge red flags for anyone! The best way for you to ensure your company's policies are secure is to implement an IAM and by extension an IAG, an Identity Access Governance system. These systems are your best asset to keep your information in the hands that they need to be.

Lightening the Load on IT & Help desk

Governance does not replace the need for a secure identity management system. Consequently, the two systems complement each other. Together the systems create an infrastructure that allows businesses to take full advantage of their operations. Access governance gives the administration the power to automate everyday, repetitive tasks. As a result, you can take the weight off your IT and help desk personnel so that they can spend time on the more difficult tasks. Put these issues back into the hands of the business managers and let everyone get their work done with fewer obstacles.

Identity Life-cycle Management

Most individuals only stay at their employment for about 4.5 years. As such, their life-cycle in a company begins when they join the company and ends when they leave. Or it should. With an IAG in place you can ensure they are following the life-cycle:

  • On-Boarding
  • User Modification
  • IT Systems Modifications
  • Account Termination

With each step, there is a change for the information they have access in the system. This is a great way to ensure the right people have access to the data they need. We want to make sure that your company and its information is safe as technology continues to advance.

Contact EST Group to have your IAM system evaluated. We can save your stalled system and save you time and money.

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