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IAM has evolved from just managing your employees to keeping track of your customers, partners, suppliers, and devices. The benefits of identity management systems allow a company to provide all users to experience your system while ensuring security is the highest priority. A recent report found that 87% of organizations say their cyber security team has become more involved with their IAM policies and technology decisions.

Having a strong IAM system allows you to control better the flow of information. While enhancing the experience your employees and customers alike have with your interactions.

Access From Anywhere

With the increase of users using their social IDs to access services and resources, your system needs to be able to reach those audiences and allow for easy access to your services through their existing digital IDs. By using a system that will enable users to access your network through their own identities, you can remove barriers that your customers, partners, and even your employees. They will be able to access your system from anywhere and at any time.


Networking in this digital era is essential to get anywhere. Not just with people. Your applications and devices are crucial to ensuring your system run smoothly. When all of these are connected, it can help to increase the security of your systems.

An IAM solution can help control the complexities of connecting with popular ID providers such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. While doing this, it is also enforcing strong security policies through multi-factor authentication requirements. By implementing these strong security profiles, you will be future-proofing your system.Meaning, you can extend these solutions to any new identity providers that join your network later.

Improving Productivity

Hiring on a new individual means, they’re going to need to go through a specific process. You’ll need to give them access to the parts of the system to be able to do their job correctly. You are similarly giving them the devices and provisions to fill their position. This process, manually, can take up valuable time that they could be learning their job, costing your organization time and money. By having an IAM system to automate these processes, you’ll spend less time getting them set up. This system can also help your existing employees. You can give them easy access to other information they need without waiting for your IT team to provide them with permissions.

Better User Experience

In a world of hackers and identity theft, we know that everyone wants to stay safe. For example, making new usernames and passwords for new systems; but not everyone can remember all of those passwords. In a work environment, it makes it easier to control and remember your systems with a single username, and a unique password to log in to multiple different systems.

Your system may be made up of lots of different internal and external applications can all have different access methods. An IAM system can have single sign-on and unified identity; your customers and partners can access all the different areas of your system with one account giving a smooth user experience. And with the robust security system in place you can keep all of their information safe.

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