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Poor password management can leave your organization open to attacks. Or it can become a never-ending frustration for your users, IT staff, and help desk. Password security is never something to be lax about in your organization. Often, passwords are forgotten, non-compliant, repeated, rarely or never changed, or are shared with the wrong individual. However, if you make it too complicated, you’ll more likely have your users calling for assistance, losing productivity.

By implementing these password management options in your IAM system you can protect your and your customer’s data.

Centralized Password Storage

Manage, rotate, and randomize credentials for privilege accounts using both people and systems. By having a centralized location for all the information it becomes easier to track that data for anomalies. A good IAM system can flag these anomalies for the users so they can be aware of any security risks. It does seem riskier to have all the information behind one wall, but if you have created a stable enough foundation to protect and manage your systems, then it can become your greatest asset.

End User Password Resets

Password Management allows the IT department to put the power of managing passwords in the hands of the end users.  End users rely less on the help desk, leaving them available for other more important problems. Give the responsibility to the end users to reset and manage their own passwords according to the security policies that you’ve defined. Each company will have its own set of regulations and needs for their security and having an IAM in place can make those individual needs easier to meet.

Password Synchronization

It sounds dangerous, having a single password across multiple systems. But truthfully it can increase your security; you can have a unique, more complex password for your operations. It allows you to reduce password fatigue and makes it easier for users to remember a single password. Your employees will spend less time trying to find a way to log in, and possibly getting themselves locked out, and more time working productively.

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