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At its most basic converged infrastructure is a newer approach to data center management. CI aims to minimize the compatibility issues between storage systems, servers, and other network devices. So yes, if you want your organization to have fewer IT issues and inefficiencies in your own traditional IT storage you’ll want to look and learn more about converged infrastructures.

Installing a converged infrastructure (CI) can bring many benefits for a company outside of making it easier to store information easier and have all your IT in a single location. This structure works to reduce the costs to an organization by cutting costs. A CI takes up little floor space, needs minimal cooling, cabling and power to keep it running smoothly.

Further Benefit

The most critical boon to a converged infrastructure would be its ability to be a plug-and-play solution. The CI unit is made up of stand-alone components. You can take out the different parts of the infrastructure and used individually. You can also take the individual blocks and combine them as well. The personalization of the system for exactly what your organization needs it to be. Your entire system comes from a single vendor it removes the chances of compatibility errors so you won’t have to worry about requiring to purchase back up parts if there would be any problems, there won’t be.

Not only does the CI in one consolidated platform reduce the cost and area that it takes up it can increase the agility and efficiency of the platform. You are making it easier to utilize the full CI system. Your business will have the ability to quickly and effortlessly build upon your data center needs. CI allows your organization to continually design, develop, and maintain specific segments of a virtualization stack all while being able to support your company’s on-demand needs for growth.

Hyperconvergence vs. Converged

Two or three years ago Converged Infrastructure was improved to what is called Hyperconvergence, it is very similar to CI. However, Hyperconvergence adds more value by adding in software-defined storage, though it doesn’t give as much emphasis on networking.

Hyperconvergence is meant to train your the IT operators and administrators on the operating conditions of workloads over systems. It has simplified the management of data centers by reassigning them as transportation systems for software and transactions rather than networks of processors with devices and memory cashes dangling from them.

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