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These days over 50% of business PCs are mobile. And while it makes it easier for you to work from any location, it also has made IT adapt its approach to security. The adaptation of network security for protecting mobile devices it has to account for all the different places and the uses the users may demand of your company network. There are some simple steps you can take to improve your mobile device security. These security options can vary based on your organizations’ needs and what can best fit your network.

It may sound like its too dangerous to have mobile devices added to your business network and maybe you should avoid it altogether. While protecting mobile technology can feel like a daunting task, but with the right security solutions, you can take advantage of the technological opportunities that mobile devices can give your company.

Endpoint security

As more organizations begin taking advantage of the opportunities with the use of mobile workforces, they have to advance their security and deploy the networks that allow remote access. An Endpoint solution protects your corporations by monitoring the files and processes on every mobile device that accesses the system.

Creating a system that can continuously scan for malicious behavior can help to identify threats before they become breaches in security. Endpoint security can quickly alert security teams to any malicious behavior.

Virtual Private Network

Also known as VPN, this system encrypts the connections over the internet from your mobile device to a network. The VPN connections ensure that any sensitive data is safely transmitted and cannot be stolen or duplicated along the way. This system is a great way to ensure your users can connect to their work remotely, safely.

Secure web gateway

70% of virtual attacks are distinct to the organization. Businesses need cloud security that can identify these previously used methods of attack before they begin. A secure web gateway provides a robust, overarching cloud security option. This security can operate at the DNS and IP layers of your system as a means to defend against phishing, malware, and ransomware sooner.

By taking your security and integrating it with the cloud, you can find and identify an attack on that one location. After that, it can immediately protect the other branches from the same offense.

Email Security

In a recent report, it states that emails are a primary tool for attackers spreading malicious software. It’s important to know and implement proper email security; to include advanced threat protection to detect, block, and remediate threats faster. Also, you can ensure your mobile data is safe from data loss, and similarly secure all your relevant information even when in transit.

Cloud Access Security Broker

It’s essential to secure and monitor where and how your employees work, including networking in the cloud. To ensure the cloud is safe you will need a tool known as a cloud access security broker (CASB). This system functions as a gateway between your on-premise infrastructure and your cloud applications. The CASB is meant to identify and block any malicious applications that would attack and steal data.

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