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Software-defined data center

As technology advances so should how, you handle your data! The beginning of the data center transformation was with server virtualization. We want to help you save time and money. We’ll help you find the perfect way to create a server solution for your data center. Start taking everyday tasks and leave them to your system for automation through a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

What is an SDDC you may ask? It is a system that has had the infrastructure visualized and delivered as a service. It’s completed through a combination of software-defined networking, computers, and storage. This system provides a level of agility, security, and speed that other kinds of systems that are out there. By using an SDDC system, your organization can transform your IT operations, realigned resources, and invest in new and innovative application development. You are allowing your company to have a more competitive angle.

Flexible & Agile

Your company is as unique and as such your company needs an SDDC that your company can depend on. We want to make things as easy for you to combine systems like your distribution computing with the usability of commodity hardware. We’re adding innovative storage optimization solutions for you to optimize your data storage for space efficiently, manageability, performance efficiency, and scale.

Scale-able Solutions

EST Group provides your organization with the solutions for efficient storage, object storage, and block storage to build your software-defined automation vs. the traditional methods. We can help your organization lower your costs. While at the same time creating more reliability in systems like the cloud, allow you to analyze more data, and will enable you to deliver new, more user-friendly apps.

Work with our professional technicians to help you transfer your data into a new era of information. Contact us today and learn what you need to get your system moving your company to the next level. Call us today to speak with one of our specialist at 817-382-8000.

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