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The commercial industry is an ever-changing and evolving area that businesses of any size. So whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse company, you can be prepared and mobilize your organization while enabling your users. EST Group has professionals to provide a commercial It solutions for your company. We want to help your business use the technology designed for your unique needs.

Our Commercial Security Solutions

Let our professionals provide the solutions that will fulfill your company’s unique needs.

Data Center Support

Our data center support comes from both directions; we will provide support to a data center and from a data center. Meaning if your people need any kind of help our professionals will be available to answer any questions and solve any problems with maintenance, enhancement, and the operation of your data center. We want to ensure your IT team can use your commercial software smoothly.

Infrastructure Support

To have a solid system you need to have strong infrastructure support. The infrastructure of IT is created around the flow, storage, processing, and the analysis of the data that your system has. We work with your company to ensure your commercial software has the support that it needs to provide the correct information when you need it.


Security is the most critical part of every system. By having the best protection for your commercial software solutions, you can control who has access to what information. You can dictate the levels of security for each area of your facility’s data. Ensuring only those who need to access the data can access it.


Governance can be a difficult system to implement when you haven’t had the system running at the top condition. We’ll help you with the process of creating a system that will help you to define the expectations, systems, and management of any organizations. Let us help you build the perfect situation for your unique organizations’ needs.

Custom Development

No two companies are the same, as such your commercial IT solutions should be as unique as you are! Our team are experts at developing the “off-the-shelf” solutions. We want to help your company to succeed. We’ll help you to design the custom software to fulfill your goals.

User Life-cycle Management

Keep track of every one of your users from the moment they are added to your systems to the day they leave. Don’t leave your system vulnerable through hidden accounts that no one has used in years. Let us help you build an infrastructure where you can easily manage, configure, and report all activities to your system.

Work with our professionals to ensure your company is utilizing your commercial IT software to the best of your ability. Contact us today to speak with an expert. Call today 817-382-8000.

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