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When you started planning your organization’s IT architecture, you likely had a grand design in mind. One where it would be easy to maintain, easy to transform as your company expanded, and most importantly, fits exactly what your organization needed. Chances are, somewhere along the timeline of its creation you had to trim some of those designs, whether it was time constraints or a change in needs for each department’s technical requirements, there’s a chance some things have strayed off the path to having a reliable IT structure. Here are some signs that something may have gone wrong along the way.

Manual re-keying & Redundant Data

Instead of just having your computer systems able to share information across your infrastructure, you have employees manually reentering the data. Not only is this kind of operation going to be more expensive, but it can also be a means to have information shared incorrectly. Human error, while not fatal to a company, can be costly. But, you may be thinking, many different applications require the same data to get their job done! In a perfect world, you can have your applications all pointing to the same database, but that isn’t always an option. Your other options are manual re-keying or synchronizing their databases, and those can have messy results.

With this kind of problem, you’ll see a drain on business resources as well as have a difficult time keeping your databases synchronized. This also includes the possibility of getting incorrect information depending on which database is queried.

Redundant Applications

Your business’s applications are there to solve your organization’s problems. So having more than one system to solve that problem is a good thing. Not at all! But that hasn’t stopped many companies from using many redundant applications. The biggest reason we’ve found for this problem is the multiple systems have a few unique areas they do cover. Or the organization has grown through mergers, but they weren’t very good at getting all the systems integrated. Money spent to support redundant systems is entirely a waste.

Having redundant systems drains your IT resources, and it can also drain your funds with all the software licenses that don’t provide your company with any kind of benefit. Clean up your IT architecture by finding the systems that you need, and put your IT assets to good use.

Too Many Interfaces

More applications often means more interfaces. This can make your system more fragile and harder to maintain. The biggest downfall with having multiple interfaces is you’ll often have different passwords for each. This can make it easier for things to be overlooked when a user reaches the end of their account lifecycle. This system can leave your organization open to hacking. Cleaning up your system can make it more secure.

EST Consultations

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