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The Cloud has made working from any location and making contacts much easier! We no longer save files, photos, and other information to USB drives if we want to share information with family members. Instead of sending pictures and files via email, we share via a cloud! But, just like every other time technology as advanced individuals who want your private, sensitive information are always looking for ways to break in. Protecting your cloud, whether for your company or private use, is essential to keep you safe.

As secure as we think the cloud is right now, it isn't. Data privacy legislation is moving at a speed that can't keep up with the worlds technological progress. Around the world, many countries and regions are dealing with some pretty substantial legal issues concerning data privacy on the cloud. The most significant problems are users believe that their information is confidential and protected from everyone just because it is their property. But they often forget that the internet isn't theirs and runs by its own set of rules.

There are some simple and effective ways that you can keep your information protected and private on the cloud.

Local Backups

It would be a problem for anyone, company or privately if your information was lost. If something goes missing, then you can be facing financial loss for your organization. The ability to restore data is critical for protecting your cloud system against legal repercussions as well.

Sensitive Information

Saying this feels like common sense, but it would surprise you how many organizations store sensitive information in their cloud systems. Keeping your company's information safe is critical to protecting your financial assets. By keeping that crucial information away from the virtual world, or by using other methods to protect that information.

Powerful Passwords

Did you know 90% of all passwords can be cracked within seconds? Using easy-to-remember passwords leaves your accounts wide open for people who would steal that information. Also, using the same password for multiple accounts is extremely dangerous! If your email password is the same as any of your other passwords, you can end up losing all your information.

Make sure you're using strong passwords for your private information. There are now systems that can even remember and create passwords for you, ensuring you've got a strong password protecting that information. You can also make a system for yourself to make it easy to remember your passwords, one that appeals to you.


No system is fool proof. It's essential to test it out to ensure you do not forget any cracks that someone could exploit. Let our experts at EST Group help you and your organizations use the cloud to its full potential! Contact us today for a consultation for any of your IT needs.

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