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Working Remotely Is Easy

But without mobile device security, your network and data could be at risk.

Learning how using a mobile device to access private or privileged information, applications, and websites can threaten the network is essential. Whether you're a manager, owner, or employee, it's your job to know the vulnerabilities and how to avoid and prevent them.

Non-secure WiFi Connections

Working away from the office can lead to unsafe WiFi network connections, leaving your data at risk. If employees travel for work, work remotely, or even respond and communicate outside of the office using company applications, you want to look into mobile device security.

Password Weakness

Working on a mobile device offers ease and more flexible productivity, and there are ways to keep these devices secure. Password protecting applications and data is a popular and straightforward method. However, the more simple the access, the less protected the data. Easy to remember, conventional, or user identifiable passwords are easy to crack for hackers. Learn more about secure password protections here.

On-device Malware

Employee-owned devices could be years old, and years past a much-needed security update. Often, malware is already present on their device but just hasn't caused them any problems- yet. Some ways to meet the threat of device malware are:

  • Enforced security updates
  • Updated network configurations
  • Device inventory

To learn more ways to secure your companies data, and retain the flexibility of mobile productivity, talk to our IT professionals at 817-382-8000.

Human Error

When your data is accessible from mobile devices, all it takes is the right pick-pocket to threaten your data. Lost devices, broken devices, and stolen devices all create a vulnerability if any company information, communication, or data applications are downloaded or used on the device.

Maintain Mobile Ease with Mobile Device Security.

All these threats to data are valid, but there are ways to prevent all of them. Learn about solutions on our website, or call us today for a consultation.

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