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A few things you can act on to secure your business It and Digital Assets

Educate First

Cybercriminals, hackers, and other threats are targeting small to mid-sized companies. This trend could be because small companies do not have established security, firewalls, and access management across platforms, or because smaller companies often have less protection against vulnerabilities of human error. Here are a few things you can do this week to bring your small business cyber security up to speed.

Over 50% of cyber attacks target small businesses. Your records, intellectual, property, customer information, and more is at risk. Educating your staff is step one. You can teach basic small business cyber security in an hour. Make sure to bring up these things with your team, and if necessary, pass the information along.

  • Data handling (best practices for deleting and sharing)
  • Email security (avoiding email links, downloads, unknown senders, and scams)
  • Dangerous hardware (insecure devices and storage sticks)
  • Updates (how updates apply security patches and weed out dangerous software)
  • Password Security (Length, complexity, and changing frequency)

Stay Up-To-Date

Keeping some company software updated may be completely up to you, but it's more likely that you'll need to remind and enforce software updates for employees across devices. Scheduling updates regularly can help keep you out of the percentage of small companies that have data breaches and lose valuable data.

Increase Authentication

Installing security walls between a hacker and your data could save you a cyber attack easily. EST Group's multi-factor authentication and password software help your team keep information safe, and still have access when they forget a password by attaching personal authentication. By streamlining password protection, you can make passwords more complex, and your staff will have to remember fewer passwords altogether. Learn more about EST Group's small business cyber security solutions here.

Easy Access For the Authorized, and No One Else

EST Group, LLC caters to small to mid-sized establishments and businesses. We understand the restrictions and the goals of a company your size. Our small business cyber security solutions are capable of protecting your data without detracting from your productivity. With our identity, password, and access management tools, you can rest assured that those who are authorized can securely access what they need, and you won't have uninvited access to your data.

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