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As a business representative, your number one priority is to protect the company and keep confidential information in the right hands. With our identity management software, you will get our comprehensive framework, policies, and top technologies to ensure that certain details stay with only authorized professionals.

How Identity & Access Management Can Help You

When you update your security solutions with EST Group, we will make sure your valuable information is protected and only accessible by your qualified staff and partners.

Fewer IT Costs

Your employees are the most valuable assets of your company. It is vital that their work and their systems are productive and time well spent. The results that come from keeping your employees’ information secure and in the right place will prevent several unnecessary IT jobs in the future.

Works For a Variety of Platforms & Accounts

Our identity management software tool lets you utilize multiple accounts with a variety of hardware and software systems. We make it simple to provide specific access to specific people.

Better Security Profiles

Give different levels of authorization to specific users based on the status in their directory profiles. Automatically control access for users through set factors.

Simpler Reporting

We will help you consolidate user identities and make it easier for IT departments to audit where and when every user credentials were used and to identify any break-ins.

Easy Anywhere Access

EST Group’s identity management software allows you to log into your account anytime, anywhere. Also, if an emergency arises, you have full access to your information from any device on or off of the premise.

Higher Revenue

As you start to see changes in your security systems, this means less breach and IT issues, saving you time and money. An effective security system brings more profits. You can go through your daily processes stress-free.

Ready To Try a Secure Identity Management Software?

Get in touch with our team to see how we can improve your identity management strategies. Contact your friendly support team at EST. Group LLC today!

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