Just One Sign In For Multiple Platforms

If you are running a large corporation with multiple accounts and programs used by each employee, our single sign-on solution could save you time, money, and focus every day.

We’re here to tell you that you could give each employee access to everything they need with just one username and password. Instead of taking 10 to 15 minutes to get set up at their workstation, get them to where they need to in a matter of seconds. How many hours of work would this save every week? Get started to save time and money during your business processes.

Why Your Team Needs Single Sign-On

Every minute that your employees are at their desk counts. If you can shave off as many wasted minutes as possible every week, apparent changes and benefits will come to your business. Stop wasting precious time signing into each platform when you can sign in once and get to work.

Fewer Forgotten Passwords

How many times has an employee had to contact a supervisor or have an email sent to them for a forgotten password? Significantly reduce the confusion and wasted time with just one login per employee.

Better Streamlined Processes

As your team signs into their workstation, it is vital to help them get into their workflows as soon as possible. Save time and gain a faster focus with EST Group’s single sign-on solution.

Less Phishing

If you eliminate as many opportunities for phishers to break-in to your security, you will experience fewer breach attempts. Our solutions help you prevent fraudulent acts and keep your confidential data to your own team.

Easier Setup

Our single sign-on management system is simple for our team to set up and begin running for you and your team. Because we care about your productivity, we install the system quickly and effectively.

Quicker Focus

Getting into work, sitting down, starting up your workstation, and focusing on your work can take time. Cut that time in half by getting into all your needed software programs with just one login.

Higher-Quality Technology

At EST Group, we prioritize using only the highest quality systems for every security technique. We seek out and utilize the best programs out there. We want to ensure that we keep your information safe.

Are You Ready To Try Our Single Sign-On Solution?

Get your team on track right away every day. Contact your friendly support team at EST. Group LLC to get started.

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