IT governance can be a complex process, with many moving parts such as access managementpassword management, privileged user authentication, and even attestation if needed. Our specialized governance solutions are created to help you choose an option that flexes to fit your IT governance needs, and allows your organization to grow while reducing risk.

Consider These Numbers

An estimated 20% of company data could be considered sensitive information. Still, that doesn’t mean the other 80% is safe to view for just anyone. Secondly, approximately 30% of ex-employees can still gain access to some parts of the system because, statistically, no one takes away their access rights. These are huge red flags! Ensure your company’s policies are secure by implementing an IAM and by extension an IAG or Identity Access Governance system. These systems keep your information securely only where they should be.

Streamline Your Processes Within Your Company

By controlling your information access through the governance of digital identities, you can ensure no one gets access to information they don’t need to see. Whether it’s something as unimportant as a newsletter to your subscribers or as vital as the banking information for your employees, you can control what users have access to the data.

Advances in technology are making the world a much broader place, but its also obligating organizations to be proactive to protect vital information. Don’t leave yourself exposed. Controlling your digital identities.

How It Will Work For Your Company

Access Governance is an identity governance solution that provides a consistent, business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access, and certification. Governance solutions give you the tools to get compliant and stay compliant. Access governance of digital identities provides the guiding principals that determine who is allowed access to what information within the organization.

With the areas of IT always evolving, it becomes ever more critical to control the access levels of the users within an enterprise. The solutions do this by establishing a framework that centralizes identity data from multiple sources and captures business policy, models roles, and proactively manages user and risk factors.

Contact EST Group to have your IAM system evaluated. We can save your stalled system and save you time and money.

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