Administrator accounts such as database administrators, directory admins, Unix and Linux admins are often governed loosely. Owners often have no formal training in managing them. Monitor and protect your organization’s IT super accounts or administrator accounts with Privileged User Management. Privileged user management can automate the creation of access rights across your organization and allow you to view user rights to sensitive data instantly.

Save Time and the Headache

On-premise IT operations and cloud services release all your stress about password managementaccess management, and security.  Often managed by traditional Identity Management solutions, super accounts are sometimes created automatically, but all privileged user management needs to be managed through tools like MFA, single sign-on, and password management.

Empower But Control

For each system, you can control what access a superuser is given. The balance between two designs: the principle of least privilege and a desire to minimize the need to develop and maintain complex access control rules. Create a flexible solution that streamlines access management and privileged user management

Control authentication in privileged accounts by regularly changing passwords. Multi-factor authentication provides another level of IT security to protect your super accounts. The ability to record access from security and compliance perspectives allows you to control access using session proxy technology and prevent potential issues.

Keep Up with New Technology

It’s important to move your protections up when technology advances. Some companies create bulky IAM systems that get hyper-focused and cannot evolve. This makes your system very fragile as you try to use the same system as you move forward. But if your system doesn’t change with you, it stalls and fails. Let our experts help to streamline your IT, we can rescue your IAM system. Find the best way to protect your data for your organization.

Role Adherence 

Role adherence overall helps to protect privileged users and help your organization reach or exceed governance standards.  Businesses now want to buy, not build infrastructure and solutions. Turnkey solutions for converged infrastructure often include built-in resources like privileged user management, multi-factor authentication, password management, and more.

IGA can ensure that resources are controlled by the proper administration and reduce the risk of break-ins and unwanted access. By setting up privileged user managementpassword management, and access management, you are protecting your super accounts.

Contact EST Group To Have Your IAM System Evaluated and Protect Your Data. We Can Save Your System and Save You Time And Money.

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