Focused On Providing Tailored, Efficient IT Solutions

EST Group is an IT solutions company, with a strong focus in providing integration and consulting services tailored around automating, managing, and securing your organization’s IT environment. Our goal is for our clients to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. We strive to provide the best experience our clients, partners, and employees have ever had with a consulting company.

“…The Absolute Best Experience You Will Ever Have With A Consulting Company.”

Our Markets

Our four vertical markets include education solutionscommercial solutionsgovernment solutions, and healthcare solutions.

We target four vertical markets to provide a wide variety of services, in a niche-oriented form, in order to provide specialized IT services that are tailored to specific needs, whether it is automating the management of user accounts or adding several petabytes of data storage to your data center.

Our Mission

Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients so that we can provide the best solutions that fit your environment.

That's why our logo contains a star - from the beginning of time, from wise men to mariners, stars have always proven to be a reliable source of navigation to get from point A to point B. Knowing this, you can trust EST Group as a reliable source of navigation to guide you to your desired destination.

Our Success Is Your Success

“Our continuing goal is to ensure our clients, vendors and employees have the best experience they have ever had with a consulting company. We succeed when you succeed, and there is no greater privilege than to partner with you in your success.”

– Tim Spires, EST Group Founder and President

Faster. Safer. Smoother. Streamline Your IT