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Multiple Barriers of Protection

If you have any interactions online you know what a password is. They've protected our information and kept our bank account information out of the hands of hackers and crackers alike for years. But these days, passwords aren't as difficult to get through as we all would hope. With all the advances in technology that we have, there are individuals out there that are working just as hard to find ways through our access management.

Passwords can no longer the only barrier to keep data safe. Security has to improve. Let EST Group help your organization find the best ways to protect your and your clients' valuable information.

How does your system rank when it comes to access management?

What You Know

This can be anything that you can commit to your memory. Passwords usually fall into this category.
It also includes any kind of questions that you can set and define the answers to during the initial set up.

Something You Have

A physical object in your possession. It is virtually impossible to generate an identical copy of a phone and to have the same phone number. You can also include items that generate a one-time-password, of a registered hardware device.

Something You Are

This has to do with your biometrics, so a retinal scan, or facial recognition. These features cannot be taken from you as an individual and make it very difficult for hackers to breach.

Your Location

Some people aren't comfortable with the idea of your technology tracking your location, but did you consider that it can be used to verify your identity? Your system can record the location or IP address of attempted access to your system
While some say it isn't the best to verify access it is a excellent way to lock out unusual access attempts.

Something You Do

Everyone has very distinct behavioral traits of how they interact with individuals and even the digital world on a day to day basis.
This can be one of the most powerful factors of access management due to the impossibility that anyone can replicate all your nuances, and there is no singular point to attack.

EST Group's 5 Step IAM Rescue Process

When technology advances it's important to move your protections with them. We've seen some companies that had created a bulky IAM system that is too focused and can't evolve, making it very fragile. But often they want to continue using the system as they move forward.

If your system doesn't change with you then it stalls and fails. Let our experts help to streamline your IT, we can rescue your IAM system. Find the best way to protect your data for your organization.


We take key shareholders through an educational workshop, then together develop a vision for your organization. 


We manage all vendors for you, coordinating demos and proof of concepts. We keep vendors honest and ensure they address your needs. 


Get the best price and the best terms. Let us ensure you get the best deal and payment structure. 

Implement & Management

We've installed hundreds of IAM & access solutions. Our best practices ensure a successful implementation.

Training & Support

We train your team throughout the entire process, and provide a lifeline for future questions.

Faster. Safer. Smoother. Streamline Your IT

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