Identity Management

Streamline Growth with Identity Management

At EST Group, we understand that as organizations grow and change, network vulnerability increases and managing users on the network becomes much more difficult.  Identity Management Solutions can provide clarity and security when dealing with the burden of the user and role management.

Identity Management (IdM) is all about automating the lifecycle of digital identities across multiple platforms. If implemented properly, an effective IdM solution enables automated account provisioning and de-provisioning, automated role-based resource access, and bi-directional user information flow between connected systems. Having these capabilities allows your business to maintain full compliance with security and enforces regulatory requirements and ensures adequate levels of access to pertinent applications. All of this while providing for complete audit-ability reduces support burden on your technology staff and the ultimate in ease of user lifecycle management.

Utilize Proven IT Strategies to Protect User Identity, Passwords, & Restrict Priviledged Access


User-Provisioning & Adminstration

Automated Provisioning and De-provisioning 
Automatically provision and de-provision users based on your business policies while normalizing data between connected systems. Identity Management solutions help to enforce roles and requirements within your application architecture, and goes hand in hand with access management, password management, and strategies such as single-sign on.

Lightning Fast Administration 
Boost IT responsiveness—and your users’ productivity—with quick and easy identity and access management. The faster you can communicate, the faster you can grow and improve. Identity Management correlates closely with your organization's use of cloud-based programs like Pure Storage. 


Raise Password Complexity & Overall Efficiency

Password Synchronization 
At first glance, to synchronize passwords among disparate systems seems like a security risk.  But synchronization offers reduced passwords for end users and provides the opportunity to raise password complexity with less number of passwords to remember. It can streamline single-sign on processes, and also can tie into Active Directory or IT storage solutions such as Pure Storage or enterprise cloud structures such as Nutanix. 

Create Superior IT Efficiency 
Identity management allows you and your employees to eliminate all the mundane tasks that keep you from concentrating on other initiatives in the organization.

Faster. Safer. Smoother. Streamline Your IT


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