Password Management

Empower Your HelpDesk

Password Management enables the IT department to put the power of managing passwords in the hands of the end users.  End users rely less on the Helpdesk, leaving Helpdesk available for other problems.

Password Management software applications help users store and organize their passwords. Password Managers store passwords in an encrypted state, requiring the user to authenticate using a master password; ideally a strong password which grants the user access to their entire password store.  The Password Manager solution also offers the ability to reset their master password, when forgotten, using a variety of methods such as answering passphrase questions, SMS texting to a known device and password change instructions being sent to known e-mail accounts to name a few.

Protect Admin Rights & Streamline Logins


Password Complexity & Resets

Forgotten Password – Power to the People
Put the power of resetting passwords in the hands of the end user.  Enabling users to change their forgotten passwords can potentially take up to 75% of the current burden off the Helpdesk  staff.

Password Complexity – Decreasing by Increasing
Coupling Password Management with password synchronization creates fewer passwords for users to remember, which in turn allows password complexity to increase. This streamlines single-sign on processes and allots more resources to overall virtualization, compliance checks, and governance issues. 


User Verification & Authentication

User Verification – Whom Would You Be?
Sophisticated Password Management solutions today come with helpdesk modules to identify users as they call into the helpdesk. These modules use intrinsic user information to identify the caller and verify their identity.

Multi-Factor Authentication – Secrets, Tokens and Biometrics
Multi-Factor Authentication is a combination of things a user can verify.  The combinations can vary.  It can be something the user knows and something they have; or something they know, and something they are, or other personal factors.

Faster. Safer. Smoother. Streamline Your IT


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