Privileged User Management

Reduce Risk & Increase Visibility

Privileged User Management is the monitoring and protection of privileged accounts. this is also known as super accounts or administrator accounts, in an organization’s IT environment.

These accounts, such as those for database administrators (DBAs), Directory Administrators, Unix, and Linux Admins are often loosely governed. When it comes to Privileged User Management, typically, Identity management software often leaves superuser accounts unmonitored while granting advanced privileges on an organization’s network. Even when there is no ill will intended, the owners of those accounts often have no formal training in managing them.


Lifecycle & Session Management

Lifecycle Management – Handle Access and Permissions.
Privilege accounts are often not managed by traditional Identity Management solutions. Some privilege accounts are created automatically or manually; all privileged user management needs to be managed throughout the organization.

Session Recording and Isolation – When and Where
The ability to record access to privileged accounts from a security and compliance perspective. Controlling access to privileged accounts using session proxy technology can prevent or dissuade potential issues.


Access & Authentication

User Access – Empower but Control.
Control what access a superuser is given on a per system basis. The balance between two designs: the principle of least privilege and a desire to minimize the need to develop and maintain complex access control rules.

Authentication and Authorization – Who and What
Control authentication into the privileged accounts, by regularly changing passwords. Control authentication into a privileged system, from which a user or application may “check out” access to a privileged account.

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