Virtualization Services and Technology

Reduce IT Security Cost, Increase Infrastructure Performance

Create a converged, responsive data center by virtualizing all of your operations. EST Group virtualization solutions provide insight into IT security capacity and performance and are designed for running business-critical applications at high service levels.

By providing virtualization insight to workload capacity and health, our clients achieve higher capacity utilization, consolidation ratios, and hardware savings. Gaining visibility into performance bottlenecks and leveraging recommendations for problem resolution allows you to understand the full impact and root cause before the entire business is impacted. As a result, we help you ensure application performance and health, while significantly reducing the amount of time spent on troubleshooting problems.

Create an Automated, Agile Infrastructure


Simplified Virtualization Solutions

  • Cloud Infrastructure – We architect virtualization solutions (including Pure Storage, Nutanix, & more) for running critical business applications with higher reliability, at a lower cost. We provide enterprise capabilities offering increased security, quality of service, high availability, and flexibility to address ever-changing business requirements.
  • Ease of Management – We help organizations build, run and scale workloads, and decrease time to market for business-critical applications; all while providing infrastructure management to dramatically reduce operational cost and increase reliability.
  • End-User Computing – Our virtualization solutions deliver secure access to applications and data when and where a user needs it while securing your business’ greatest asset, intellectual data. Password management, identity management, and access management solutions effectively delivered. 
  • Backup and Recovery –  EST Group architects virtualization solutions that combine the ability for mission-critical applications to be immediately available and cost-effectively meeting long-term retention business requirements.

Better Control & Flexibility With virtualization

The value of virtualization is more than just cost of ownership; it’s the foundation for an automated, agile infrastructure that provides greater benefits to your entire organization.

Whether you’re extending the value of resources at a small organization or pushing the automation envelope at an existing data center, rely on EST Group to deliver IT Security solutions that make sense for your business.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) provides virtualization and allows your organization to use storage, networking and compute more efficiently while not limiting your data center to a single vendor or platform.  SDDC provides unprecedented levels of agility, speed, security and efficiency.

Faster. Safer. Smoother. Streamline Your IT


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