Mitigate Risk & Ensure Compliance

Access Governance is an identity governance solution that provides a consistent, business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access and certification. Governance solutions gives you the tools to get compliant, and stay compliant.

A Governance Platform lays the foundation for effective identity management and compliance within your enterprise. The solutions do this by establishing a framework that centralizes identity data from multiple sources and captures business policy, models roles, and proactively manages user and risk factors.


Compliance & Identity Management

Get Compliant, Stay Compliant. Compliance involves knowing who has access to what and also determining if that access is appropriate for the role—and being able to prove it.

Enterprise Identity Management
Support Enterprise-wide Identity Management. Governance Solutions lay the foundation for effective identity management within your enterprise.  By laying a foundation of identity information in the organization governance solutions augment that with policy and enforcement for compliance and audit requirements.


Highlight Risk & Safeguard Passwords

Risk-Based Approach
Take a Risk-Based Approach. Highlights key identity, risk, and Segregation of Duties (SoD) risk factors for users across the enterprise. This helps you to focus and prioritize compliance efforts while maintaining audit requirements.

Password Complexity – Decreasing by Increasing
Coupling Password Management with password synchronization creates fewer passwords for users to  remember, which in turn allows password complexity to increase.

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