Future Ready

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE FUTURE READY? The idea is simple.  It’s about simplification.  It’s about building the agility and scalability to support your organization’s long-term strategy.  Future-ready, standards-based data center solutions leverage your current technology while seamlessly incorporating innovations tailored to your needs.  EST Group can offer solutions to:

  • Eliminate redundancy and unify management
  • Accelerate IT service delivery
  • Reduce operational costs while increasing performance

HOW TO START PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE? An organization that is future ready, is an organization that designs its systems and processes to prepare for change and to deliver impactful business results.  EST Group can help you prepare.  Our approach is to start with small projects and utilize the infrastructure and data you already have.  We will help you identify priorities and provide you with ROI analysis before recommending any changes.

Internet of Things (IoT) Create a flexible and powerful Internet of Things ecosystem, with analytics enabled at the          edge, datacenter and cloud.  Manage and optimize physical environments and services with:

  •   More efficient operations and resource management
  •   Improved service delivery
  •   Unique and personalized customer experiences

 Big Data Data is fast becoming the most valuable currency in this new data economy. It is critical to making your business more successful—and it has changed the game as we knew it.  Improve customer experiences and business operations with:

  • More data that’s relevant to solving your business problems—don’t be limited by data silos
  • New revenue streams and improved ways of doing business
  • Real-time view of all your data
  • Reinvention of your data ecosystem without starting over

Smart Cities Although not a new concept, Smart Cities—ones that use technologies and data to enhance a city’s economic development, sustainability, and provide a higher quality of life for its citizens—is finally getting past its extended hype cycle. Cities are actively experimenting with smart technologies, and those that successfully leverage them will ultimately be the most livable, sustainable and competitive.  However, Smart City implementations can be costly and complex.  EST Group has been helping cities become “smarter” by following a few principles:

  • Start Small – Rather than build from the top down, build from the bottom up.
  • Analyze What You Gather – Only a small fraction of data gathered is analyzed. And even less of that is done in a timely fashion. Ironically, the returns from Smart Cities investments comes from just that—analyzing the data, and subsequently acting on it.
  • Secure All Along the Chain – While high-profile security breaches make startling headlines, many of them could have been avoided. They often result from organizations failing to invest in connected security solutions and not following security best practices.