Security Services

BETTER SECURITY, BETTER BUSINESS End-to-end security is a fundamental attribute of the future-ready enterprise, an organization that designs its IT systems to prepare for change and to deliver impactful business results. No one needs another reminder of the strategic importance of information security. For that, one need only scan the headlines, which regularly feature major brands that are losing customers, investors and even their chief executives in the wake of high-profile data breaches or compliance breakdowns.
The technology and approaches currently used to secure information and systems are not working. One of the main reasons for this lack of success is that  the IT security market is highly fragmented. There are dozens of proprietary  solutions addressing narrow aspects of security—from intrusion detection to  application security to identity and access management. Each solution operates  in a silo and does not communicate with other software. Organizations are looking for security solutions that have common DNA and  will enable the business, not restrict it. Security must be an integral part of an  organization’s cloud, mobile, and big data strategies
HOW TO START PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE? EST Group helps businesses focus their security efforts. We make security simpler, so business users can manage the rules and policies, and end users can easily comply.  For data to be valuable, it must be secure everywhere it resides and everywhere it needs to go. Some security solutions restrict the flow of that data, making it less useful to the organization. Some are burdensome to end users, which creates risks when well-intended employees fail to comply with security practices. EST Group’s approach is to build around the three foundational imperatives of IT security:

  • Protect your whole enterprise—outside in and inside out—efficiently and proactively
  • Comply with regulations and achieve consistent, reliable governance across the board without standing in the way of agility
  • Enable overall better outcomes: better security outcomes, better operational outcomes

SECURE YOUR MOBILITY Mobile technology has changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us, transforming how we do business and enabling new opportunities.  Secure wireless networks, smart devices, cloud-based mobile applications and the resulting anywhere, anytime access to data improves organizational productivity, agility, collaboration and innovation. Today, information is the lifeblood of business. But to maximize the value and competitive advantage that data offers, it must flow freely to the right people at the right place. To drive innovation and agility, organizations are adopting mobile technologies at an accelerating rate. And these technologies are delivering data and applications beyond the reach of company firewalls and the traditional mechanisms of information security.  By taking an integrated approach to mobility and security, organizations can unlock untapped avenues of growth, accelerate productivity and deepen engagement with their customers.  “Mobility is one of the most sweeping transformational technologies that organizations will deploy over the next 10 to 15 years. It’s about employees being more productive and as a result, the business being more competitive. Yet it’s got to be implemented in a secure, managed way.”  – Roger Bjork, Director, Data Security Solutions and Mobile Solutions, Dell