Access Management (AM)


With the aggressive adoption of cloud technologies and mobile devices, enterprises are faced with the challenge of managing secure access in application domains that they do not control effectively. If security departments are to stay in control, organizations need to change their traditional approach of how they provide a secure infrastructure that accelerates business, not impedes it.

Access Management Solutions integrate the latest federation standards with traditional access management technologies to provide the best solution to secure access for your applications; regardless of whether they are your own, your customers, your partners, on premise or in the cloud.

Access Management Highlights:
Automate Role-Based Access

Securely automate and manage the access your users have on your network based on roles and policies defined and governed by you.

Role Adherence

Access to applications are predicated on having the correct authentication and authorization privileges. These access privileges are determined by the Access Management solution in real time, logged and then allowed or denied.

Secured Single Sign-on for your Users

Allow users to leverage your Access Management solution to securely access your internal and external applications through a reduced sign-on. This reduced sign-on will enable users to be more productive with their time and remember less passwords for redundant logins.


Easy Integration with your applications and Identity Stores. Access Management solutions integrate with the most complex applications creating a logical security boundary through proxy technologies.  AM solutions also integrate seamlessly with your identity stores for your authentication and authorization needs. No need to rip and replace anything.